Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Goodbye Kingswear Castle

This morning the steam paddle steamer Kingswear Castle made her final trip down the River Medway under tow from the tug Christine.

The Kingswear Castle has been a regular sight on the river for the past thirty years operating popular pleasure cruises particularly from the Historic Dockyard at Chatham.

She was built in Dartmouth, Devon in 1924 and plied the River Dart until 1965 when she was saved from the breakers yard and brought to the Medway for restoration.

The process has now gone full circle.The Kingswear Castle is currently heading back home to the River Dart.

She has been chartered by the Dartmouth Steam Railway and River Boat Company and will be kept busy carrying tourists for the foreseeable future.

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UPDATE 15.12.12 - Kingswear Castle is currently sheltering in Portland due to bad weather in the Channel. She was only built as a river ship so not really ideal for the open sea.

UPDATE 20.12.12 - Kingswear Castle made it safely to the River Dart!


  1. The KC has just passed Swanage (just crossing the Weymouth-St Helier shipping lane) but the sea is getting rough (winds getting up) and we are unfortunately going to have to take her into port at Portland for shelter – when she hits a wave the team can feel it throughout the entire ship. So, for the time being, we shall take refuge in the safe waters of Portland Harbour.

    Portland Harbour is located beside the Isle of Portland, off Dorset and is one of the largest man-made harbours in the world. Should be safe there then!

    A decision will be taken as soon as possible regarding bringing her the last fifty miles or so home. Keep your fingers crossed for us…..

  2. There you go.. Will be busy carrying passengers into the foreseeable future! That's the way I like to hear history unfold.

  3. Hi, I work for Kent Film Office and we are looking for a picture of the Kingswear Castle we could use for our moviemap. Could we use yours?


    Kind regards

    G Lindemannn

    1. Hi Gabrielle, yes that would be fine but please credit kenttodayandyesterday.blogspot.co.uk