Saturday, December 01, 2012

Final Voyage of the Pride of Dover - or was it?

On 29th November 2012 the P & O ferry "Pride of Dover" which had operated the Dover to Calais route between 1987 and 2010 left her lay up berth in Tilbury Docks bound under tow on her final voyage to Turkish ship breakers - or did she?....

First the vessel, imaginatively renamed "Pride" for the delivery voyage to Turkey, was carefully manoeuvred out of Tilbury Docks by three tugs and moored alongside Tilbury Landing Stage so that she could be connected to the deep sea tug "Eide Fighter".

After a short stay alongside the Landing Stage she headed off slowly down the Thames. Here are some pictures taken from the Saxon Shore Way at Gravesend close to my office.

A close up of the 8000 BHP tug "Eide Fighter" registered in Nassau, Bahamas.

Despite the bitter cold, the sun decided to put in a brief appearance.

The last shot of her heading down the Estuary with the "Svitzer Mercia" acting as stern tug to assist with steering. Further down the Estuary the "Svitzer Mercia" left the "Eide Fighter" and "Pride" to their own devices.

The voyage to Turkey was expected to take just under thirty days. Through the wonders of the Internet it is now usually possible to track ships at sea.

The "Eide Fighter" and her tow were making slow but steady progress down the English Channel... that was until today.

On checking earlier today it appears that instead of heading down the Channel in the direction of Turkey, the "Eide Fighter" has made a u-turn and is now heading back up the Channel...

Could the "Pride" have had a last minute reprieve?

It is my understanding that the ferry's engines were in a very poor state which is why she was sold for scrap in Turkey rather than to another ferry company for further trading.

No doubt all will be revealed in the next week or two.

In the meantime, to end this post, is a picture of the "Pride of Dover" in happier times making her way into Dover harbour...


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  1. I spent a few years on her...a fine ship