Sunday, August 19, 2012

Business Blueprint for Electricians

Has your business been affected by the recession? Does your phone ring less than it used to?

Stop wasting money on advertising that doesn't work and start to use your time effectively to get the work that you need.

Put this date in your diary - August 23rd 7-9pm

In a FREE webinar, James Dewane from Kent Electrics (based in Medway) talks about how his business has turned over in excess of £150,000 per year and how he has achieved this in less than 5 years!

How can the Business Blueprint for Electricians help you and your business?

Although designed for Electricians, if you are a self-employed tradesman/woman then this is for you. James has been extremely busy with work for a long time now but hears stories from many electricians about how hard it is to find work now.

James uses a very straightforward 5 step system to ensure his phone keeps ringing.

Because James is so busy, he knows there is work out there and wants to share the 5 step system with others so they too can use their time effectively to get work.

James is willing to show other tradesmen/women how to get work in your diary NOW and ensure that that work keeps coming in - Book your place at James FREE webinar now!

After sharing his techniques with friends in the trade, they too were reaping the benefits of more work within days.

A plumber friend of James suggested he should share these techniques, and after some nudging from others james decided to put together this webinar.

There is a limited opportunity to attend James FREE webinar - (due to bandwidth restrictions there are only 100 places so be quick!) 5 ways to get a constant stream of work and never hit a dry spot.

Book your place now! 

  • Find out just how easy it is to build your business and ensure a constant stream of regular work
  • Why most forms of advertising used in the building industry fail
  • The key elements that are responsible for getting him 40% of his business
  • The '5 step system' that ensures his diary is always full

When is the webinar taking place and how do I book?

This webinar is limited to 100 places.

The date is August 23rd 2012 7pm-9pm

Book today! 
Get in there quick and discover these techniques - they're simple and straightforward, within days you will be turning your business around.

Don't miss your opportunity to get ahead and see the results within days.

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