Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Now Dartford's left in the dark too!

Following my recent post about the power cuts in Gravesend last weekend it appears that this malaise has now spread to Dartford and other surrounding towns in Kent including Crayford, Erith, Bexleyheath and Orpington!

This time the cause of the power failure is known - vandalism

It would appear, according to BBC Kent News, that vandals set fire to and seriously damaged four major power circuits in Dartford causing a major power cut that has affected nearly 100000 homes in the area and caused numerous businesses to close for the day.

At the time of writing this post power was still out in nearly 60000 homes.

The most worrying news is that our local A & E hospital Darenth Valley has been affected and is having to use their emergency generators.

Hopefully the brain dead idiots who caused this disruption will stop and think about the consequences of their actions and hold their heads in shame.

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