Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gravesend left in the dark - again!

The Kent town of Gravesend has been suffering a spate of power failures in the last few months.

Today I intended to do some work in my office (yes, I do have a day job as well as writing this blog! - if you're interested to know more click here) while my wife did some shopping in town but when I got there my smoke alarm control panel was beeping away merrily. Oh no, I thought, another power cut.

Without any power not a lot of work can be done nowadays so I decided to phone my wife and let her know I'd meet her in town and help with the shopping. She told me that half the town was out of action too due to the power cut. Several banks were closed (including Barclays) as their ATM machines would not work as well as many shops.

Queues of people were waiting outside the banks hoping to be able to withdraw their hard earned cash.

Gravesham Borough Council has recently made use of their car parks free at weekends in a (belated) effort to entice more shoppers to visit the town centre.

This will be in vain if shopper's are not able to withdraw their cash from an ATM or find a shop that is open to spend their money in!

Gravesham Borough Council urgently need to take this matter up with the relevant parties at whichever electricity company is responsible for supply to the town.

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