Friday, July 20, 2012

Olympic Torch Relay - Drama in Gravesend

The Olympic Torch Relay bandwagon finally hit Gravesend earlier this morning.

As it was passing very close to our house and would almost certainly be a once in a lifetime event we joined the crowds lining the streets.

The torch itself was preceded by police outriders to clear the traffic and then sponsor vehicles.

Finally the torch appeared carried by 23 year old Anna Skora...

Suddenly someone, who later turned out to be a 17 year old "man", darted out from the crowd and made a lunge for the torch.

Within seconds he was laid out unceremoniously by two police officers and arrested. Fortunately Anna, although visibly shaken, stayed on her feet and the relay continued.

As for the 17 year old, he finished the day with a ride to the local constabulary. Fortunately for him the police got to him before the hostile crowd otherwise he would have probably spent rest of the day at A & E!

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  1. You are correct. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be closely involved in the Games. My father was very involved in the 1956 Games, and my brothers and I remember every detail, still.