Friday, October 08, 2010

Digital Scavenger Hunt

I was recently challenged to participate in a digital scavenger hunt by a friend on Blogcatalog.

All the participants were given a list of eight random themes and asked to post up digital photographs on their respective blogs representing those themes.

As this blog is specifically about the county of Kent, England, all my photos were taken locally.

The first of the themes was concrete (well I did tell you they were random!)

This modern art sculpture entitled "Boy with a Boat" by Paula Haughney, can be found on the front at Herne Bay looking out to sea. It was commissioned by Canterbury City Council in 1993

The next random theme is power represented by preserved mainline steam locomotive 44932 thundering past Gravesend one Sunday morning on the way to Faversham.

For the theme lost, I have included this memorial to South African Battle of Britain pilot Nathaniel Merriman Barry who died seventy years ago this week defending our country and way of life.

The memorial stone is located in Darenth and was erected by the nearby Shoreham Aircraft Museum.
For the theme dance, I have used a little poetic licence!

The water is "dancing" over the old weir at the former site of Westminster Mill on the River Darent in Horton Kirby. I will be writing more about Horton Kirby and the history of the mill in the next installment of "My Darent Valley Walk".

Autumn always reminds me of harvest festival when I was a kid. Kent is not as the Garden of

England for nothing. This year the hedgerows are packed with blackberries and the trees in the orchards are groaning with the weight of apples, pears, plums and cherries.

Smile! My son loves baking cakes but they usually only last about five minutes after they come out of the oven.

I managed to get a quick shot of this one before it ended up down his neck! Well Gordon Ramsay does always insist that his chefs taste their food....

Another random theme - confusion. Although this scene may look confused, the Kent Fire &

Rescue Service and Ambulance Service had everything under control. Actually it was a demonstration at the Northfleet Fire Station open day a few months ago.

Finally I was asked to post something funny so I thought I'd end with this little sign I found pinned to the noticeboard at St Peter and St Paul Church in Shoreham...

If you have enjoyed my first digital scavenger hunt, please drop in and have a look what some of the other participants have posted -

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  1. I love the blackberries! Too bad we don't get to see any of those in Arizona. You took some really good pictures!

  2. Great picks for the hunt ! Well done.

    Doing mine in a little bit, will tweet it when it's up.

  3. Greetings from Spain! I have seen pictures and documentary of Kent and I think it's a lovely place. It must inspire you a lot to take pictures of your surroundings.

    I love that picture of the train - it looks so "old world." Are they still used a lot for public transport?

    The blackberries picture look great as well. I myself love doing macro-shots especially in summer when the flowers are in bloom and the insects are out.

    I really enjoyed looking at your pictures. Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  4. Fantastic job!!! I absolutely love your autumn photo. Man, those berries look good! All of the photos are wonderful.


  5. Nice photos! I like the dancing one!

  6. Boy with a Boat, by Paula Haughney, is rather extraordinary. Was there a special occasion that prompted the Canterbury City Council to commission this work? And what is the relevance of the Herne Bay site?

  7. Hey thanks for all the comments. I'm glad you all liked the pics. Steam trains went out of regular service in the late 1960's but fortunately many were preserved and are used on heritage railways. A few times a year steam hauled services are operated on mainline routes. These excursions are very popular with steam enthusiasts and sell out quicky despite high ticket prices.

    In answer to you Hels, I don't know if there was any specific reason to commission the sculpture at Herne Bay. Herne Bay is a Victorian seaside resort on the North Kent coast not far from Whitstable which is famous for oysters.


  8. How big is the sculpture in concrete? It looks HUGE!

  9. I like the calmness and poetry in your photographs. I especially like the blackberries shot as it reminds me of home. At this time of year we would go pick them up in the countryside. My parents actually just shipped me a jar of homemade wild blackberry jelly. Yum!

  10. Hi, Great photos! The close up of the berries is one of my favorites. And I thought your capture for "dance" was very cool too =)

  11. Great photos Glen. Love the Boy with a Boat - he reminds me a bit of the Easter island statues!

  12. Thanks for all the nice comments.

    The boy with a boat sculpture is actually about the same size as a real boy!

    The angle I took the picture makes it look bigger than it actually is.


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