Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Demolition of Blue Circle / Lafarge Cement Works Northfleet (part 2)

Following on from my blog post about the demise of the Blue Circle / Lafarge Cement works at Northfleet, a series of pictures taken for me by a friend showing the last moments of the iconic 550' chimneys on 28th March 2010.....

12-04-2010 045

12-04-2010 047

12-04-2010 049

12-04-2010 051

12-04-2010 052

12-04-2010 054

12-04-2010 056

12-04-2010 057

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  1. More history lost forever :( I hope they at least kept all the industrial and historical relics, for some sort of museum in Northfleet.

  2. Oh wow! that is unusual for them to topple towers! Usually they implode don't they? Great photos!

  3. Brilliant! I love seeing building that fall like this and don't fall into themselves.